Stripey Sweater!!!

I finally finished my stripey sweater from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Tonals, which has become one of my new favourite yarns! The colours are stunning, and I love this little sweater partly because I got to use so many fun colours. 


Errata: The pattern had one little mistake in it, and now that I have found it you don't need to worry about it. Just after the stripe pattern is established the pattern tells you to knit a further number of rows, however, it definitely means total not further.


I thought my sweater was looking a little bit large (which is to say freaking huge), but Debbie Bliss patterns are often oversized so I didn't think about it too much. It's a bottom up pattern, so I was working on the first sleeve which is almost the end, and I realized I had an extra set of stripes compared to the sweater on the cover. Since I was knitting the smallest size and the directions specified a number of rows not a particular length, it must be that the number of rows was wrong. The nice thing about stripes is that it makes it easy to count your rows. Since fixing the problem by ripping would mean losing most of a sleeve, the front and back from the armholes up and the collar, I decided instead I would do a little surgery. I got as far as I could with the yarn I had left, and the. I needed the extra yarn from the body to finish. 

I started by picking up the stitches along the edge where the ribbing should be.Then I pulled out a whole row of knitting one stitch at a time so that I could frog the remaining piece of the extra rows. 

Each little ball is from one stripe in the body and then the big one was the ribbing. I could have grafted the ribbing onto the bottom of the sweater, but I like knitting rib more than I like grafting so it made more sense to re-knit the rib. 

So after knitting the ribbing and the second sleeve I had just a few ends to weave in...


If I hadn't been knitting this for the store I definitely would have just tied knots and left any that weren't near the end. Fortunately I know one of those people who actually likes weaving ends, I won't name her though so she doesn't get inundated. All in a,k I would definitely recommend this knit. Great yarn and an easy to follow pattern makes for a gorgeous product!

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