How do you ship online orders?

We ship with Canada Post. 

Orders placed during our business hours will be shipped the same day, unless there is a complication with filling the order, e.g. we don't have sufficient stock to fill the order with a single dye lot. Orders placed while we are closed will be shipped the next day that we are open, this includes when we are closed on holidays. 


What do you charge for shipping?

On orders over $100 shipping is free within Canada and the US

For orders within Canada shipping is $10 on orders under $50 and $15 for $50 - $100

For orders to the US shipping is $20 on orders under $100

All other international shipping is free on orders over $200 and $30 to ship orders under $200. 


I saw something the last time I was in your store, but I can't find it on your website. Did you stop selling it?

There are a few yarns we have in the store that are not listed on the website, but we also shift the yarns we carry as some get discontinued or simply have not been a good match for us. Please feel free to email us at info@passionknit.ca and we may have or be able to special order what you are looking for. 


I love the new website, but the old website seemed to have a lot more yarns available, can I still get those?

Our old website listed side by side yarns that we could special order and yarns that we stocked regularly. We found this system confusing to many people. The new website lists only yarns currently stocked in our website and is linked to our inventory count, which means if you can order it from our website we have it ready to ship out to you. 

We are still happy to special order any yarn available from Diamond Yarns but in this case we require that you purchase the full bag of yarn that we order in, for most yarns this is 10 skeins. Feel free to call (416) 322-0688 or email us info@passionknit.ca to check availability and pricing for a special order yarn. Orders usually take about 2 weeks to arrive at our store and will be then immediately shipped to you. 


If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to email us at info@passionknit.ca