Ravelry, getting started

Ravelry, getting started

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When we pick up knitting or crochet, someone at the yarn shop or on Instagram or somewhere is going to mention Ravelry.com.  What exactly is Ravelry? Well it is a resource for finding patterns with a wide variety of filters to help narrow down your search results.
It is also a place where you can share pictures and notes about your projects, that you can use for your own reference as well as share them with the community of other knitters and crocheters out there.
It is also a place to index your yarn stash so you know what you have an how much.
It is also a forum to connect with other makers who share your interests.
It is also so much more.

In this class we will cover:
-how to search on Ravelry making use of the many filters.
-how to start, edit and complete a project with photos and notes.
-to use the stash feature to track your yarn.
-how to add projects to your favourites and the queue.
-I will aim to answer any other questions you have about the site as well.

This class is more of a seminar style, I will share my screen with you as I move through and explain each of the aspects above. You will receive a recording of the class afterwards for your reference.

Learning Outcomes: how to get started using Ravelry!

Requirements: I would like it if you have a Ravelry account before the class begins. Please reach out if you need assistance with this before the class.