Sock Knitting: Full-Sized Sock

Sock Knitting: Full-Sized Sock

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This class covers how to knit a full-size sock. We will use the training tool of a mini sock in the first session so that we can see all the steps. At the end of the first class we will cast on for the full-size sock. Each subsequent session will cover each of the more advanced skills in the sock knitting process: the heel turn, and the kitchener stitch.

Materials: ~20g of dk weight yarn, 3.75mm dpns, 100g of sock weight yarn, 2.5mm dpns 6”, darning needle, stitch markers.

Required skills: casting on and knitting in the round with dpns.

Homework: before the first class you will be required to cast on and knit the leg of the sock. Between classes there will be homework to complete.

Time Commitment: three 2-hour sessions