Sock Knitting: Knit your first sock

Sock Knitting: Knit your first sock

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In this class you will knit your first sock with double pointed needles (DPNs) from the cuff down to the toe!

In the first session we will knit a mini sock, to create a road map of where we are going. Then we will cast on and begin our full sized sock.
Between sessions students will be required to knit the leg of the sock.
In the second session we will turn the heel together and begin knitting the foot.
Before the final session of the class the students will knit the foot, and be ready to cast off.
In our final session together we will learn the Kitchener stitch, a method of seamlessly casting off our stitches. We will use the remaining time in the class to begin our second sock to combat second sock syndrome.

Materials: ~20g of dk weight yarn, 3.75mm dpns, 100g of sock weight yarn, 2.5mm dpns 6”, darning needle, stitch markers.

Required skills: casting on and working in the round with dpns.
Other skills: knit, purl, slip stitch, k2tog, ssk.

Homework: before the first class you will be required to cast on and knit the leg of the mini sock.

Time Commitment: three 2-hour sessions