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What is the Ravellenics?

Formerly known as the Knitting Olympics, this competitions was started in 2006 by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarnharlot on her blog. Here is the original post with the rules and signups for that year. The concept was pretty simple: knit a whole project during the olympic games. I went to go look up the Ravelry page for my olympic project, and then realized I joined Ravelry in 2007, one full year after my first participation in the first iteration of this competition! I barely remember such a time in knitting history, when I found all my patterns in real magazines that I actually held in my hands. And to find out what was in those magazines I actually went to a...

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Ravellenics 2018: Join team Passionknit!

As we cheer on our athletes during the 2018 Winter Olympics challenge yourself to knit an entire project start to finish during the olympics. Cast on at the opening ceremonies (or afterwards since they are at 6am EST) and cast off by the time the closing ceremonies are finished. To join Team Passionknit on Ravelry:1. Pick your event hereYou should choose an event/project that will be a challenge for you, but only you can decide what that is.2. Create a project page with the tag ravellenics2018 and the tag for your event and our team tag Passionknit2018, make sure to post a picture of your yarn ready to go before the opening ceremonies3. If you have not already done so, join the...

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